About Us



“Vivinkaa is a young & vivacious brand full of energy & fun that aims to provide the best value in terms of products & price. As the name suggests it's the epitome of ongoing fashion in accessories.”

Vivinkaa was created with the pure thought of celebrating India’s rich culture & fabrics. We stand apart with our passion for all things Indian. Our Fabrics & Merchandise are sourced from local artisans spread across India. We work closely with a lot of local karigars to develop our products with natural fabrics, Vegetable dyes & animal-friendly materials. We are a responsible & holistic fashion brand. Our collections are created by using the finest Vegan leather & Cotton canvas fabrics – all cruelty-free & Planet-friendly. We have an exciting collection spread across Sling Bags, Totes, Handbags, Backpacks, Clutch & Laptop Bags